About Craig

Craig West

Craig is a freelance trainer, living in Brighton, UK.

His main interests are Progressive Web Apps, Web Components, RxJS and GraphQL.

He gives talks, workshops and courses in these subjects, as well as 'Essential JavaScript for WordPress developers'.

Craig also develops components using a variety of tools and 'frameworks' for use in websites.

As a former Microsoft Certified DBA (SQL 2000), he has a strong interest in browser storage (IndexedDB) and was a Business Information Architect at a major recycling company.

Craig originally trained as an Accountant Technician, working freelance for a range of SMEs. This enables him to speak both business and development, bridging the gap between those two worlds, leading to a role as a Business Information Architect for a nationwide recycling company.

For availability, email Craig at craig@wpjs.co.uk

My Github page.


I enjoy give talks on WP-HTML, Web Components and Progressive Web Apps.

These are generally 'long talks' of 30-45 minutes as well as workshops on a number of topics (see workshops below).

Talks previously given:

  1. TALK: Offline and instant websites, aka Progressive Web Apps - AsyncJS, Brighton, September 2021.
  2. LIGHTNING TALK: WordPress as a Micro Service to any framework - WordFest, July 2021.
  3. TALK: WP REST API and Web Components => 100% Internet - WordCamp Santa Clarita, July 2021.
  4. TALK: Web Components in WP, Gutenberg and as HTML plugins. - WordCamp North East Ohio, May 2021.
  5. TALK: Leveraging the power or the WordPress REST API - WP Leeds, April 2021
  6. WORKSHOP: WP REST API and you -> Best Friends Forever - WordCamp Greece, April 2021.
  7. TALK: Web Components as Micro Apps - NDC London, Jan 2021.
  8. TALK: Unifying frameworks with Web Components - Brighton AsyncJS, Nov 2020.
  9. WORKSHOP: Progressive Web Apps Workshop (2hrs) - NDC Oslo, June 2020.
  10. WORKSHOP: Web Components Workshop (2hrs) - NDC Oslo, June 2020.
  11. WORKSHOP: Progressive Web Apps Workshop (2hrs) - Brighton WordUp, June 2020.
  12. WORKSHOP: WordPress REST API with AJAX Forms and Pages - WordCamp Denver, June 2020.
  13. WORKSHOP: WordPress REST API with AJAX Forms and Pages - WordCamp Kent, Ohio May 2020.
  14. WORKSHOP: What is the WP REST API and how can I use it to make forms and pages that don’t need to do be reloaded? - WordUp Brighton May 2020.
  15. WORKSHOP: WordPress REST API and AJAX Forms - WordCamp Geneva, March 2020 [EVENT CANCELLED due to virus concerns :( ]
  16. TALK: WP-HTML: The marriage of WP and JS Frameworks for expansion, ubiquity and profit - WordCamp Vienna February 2020.
  17. WORKSHOP: WordPress REST API - WordCamp Vienna, February 2020.
  18. TALK: Progressive Web Apps - Brighton WordUp, November 2019.
  19. TALK: Decoupled WordPress (code along style) - WordCamp Dublin, October 2019.
  20. TALK: JWT and Authentication - WPHooked London, September 2019
  21. TALK: Decoupled WordPress and WP Components - WordCamp Brighton, August 2019.


Workshops on some or all of the modules below can be given.

I also offer a few NO FEE online workshops. Please contact me for more details.

These workshops are best between 1-3 hours. Included are boiler plates and a full list of useful resources for further study.

A 'Step by Step' approach is used where a series of projects are used that progressively add new features, like chapters in a book.

The content of each workshop can be tailor made to your requirements - either single modules or a combination of modules.

Attendees take home a resource pack of ready made sites so that they can continue to learn about WP-HTM, Web Components and PWAs.

I also offer attendees a FREE coupon to my Decoupled WordPress course on Udemy that covers REST API, JWT, SPA and how to create a decoupled WP site on HTML in another domain. This is the furthest away from our regular WP site and if we can do this we can bring our decoupled site into our WP domain.

Workshop Module 1


  • Creating pages and forms that don't need to be reloaded.
  • How to process JSON data.
  • Modifying and creating new WP REST API Endpoints.
  • Adding WP-X-nonce security to forms.
  • Decoupled WP and JWT Authentication.

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Workshop Module 2

Web Components

  • What is a Web Component?
  • Light DOM vs Shadow DOM.
  • CSS encapsulation.
  • Basic Web Component Template.
  • Using Web Components.
  • Introduction to more advanced Web Components.
  • Creating micro front end services for any site.

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Workshop Module 3

PWAs - offline first!

  • What is a Progressive Web App?
  • Creating the native app UI.
  • Creating offline functionality.
  • BackgroundSync when back online
  • Push Notifications.
  • Future APIs.

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Workshop Module 4

JS for WP Developers

  • We learn JS through projects.
  • Create decoupled WP sites.
  • Create PWAs and Web Components.
  • This opens up opportunities to study JS more deeply.
  • The focus is more deep understanding than learning syntax.

Workshop Module 5

High Performance Websites

  • How is a web page rendered?
  • What slows down a web site?
  • Using tools to measure and diagnose web page speed.
  • How to load images, JS, CSS and fonts to optimise page speed.
  • Writing web pages that load what they need when then need it.

Email: craig@wpjs.co.uk